Erotic Nuru massage

Erotic Nuru massage – erotic ceremony filled with magic

m_erot2Sensual, exciting, and romantic – those are only some words by means of which Nuru massage can be described. However, those are only empty words. While performed properly, Nuru massage can be much more thrilling than sexual intercourse. Can it be recommended any better?

Preparation for the massage – get in the zone and experience the unusual aura

Erotic Nuru massage has its well-established history. For Japanese people, it is not only a treatment…it is something more. It can also become a unique experience for you. There is only one condition. Proper atmosphere must be created. Only then will you be able to feel the omnipresent sensuality (it is truly worth it!).
Japanese people put a significant focus on ceremonies, and the Nuri massage can be considered one of them. How to prepare for it? You must know that it will be hot…literally and figuratively. During the massage, the temperature will not exceed 25 degrees centigrade. What is more, the massage mat should be placed on a soft surface. It will ensure proper comfort during the treatment. Obviously, the masseur will take care of that. Afterwards, a large towel will be put on the top part of the mat and two bowls will be placed nearby it. One of them will contain a special Nuru gel and the second one – lukewarm water.
Is there anything else? Music, lighting, scents. Here, everything is of importance. Even the preparations will make you feel something exceptionally pleasing.

Sex or massage? Let’s go!

m_eroty1When everything is ready, the massage can be performed. It is the pinnacle of the whole ceremony. Lay down on the mat and let the masseur become the “mistress of ceremonies”. She will start rubbing the hot oil into your body. Having covered you both in it, she will proceed to the most stimulating part of the treatment – body therapy that will be remembered for quite a long time.