About us

onas1Proposal of Lomi Lomi helps you to sustain relaxation. Here you can find variety possibilities of massage, like: classic, relaxing, restorative, sporting, Tantra and one of a kind Lomi Lomi. We were consered with your sensation of cosiness and hygiene. That’s why the massage is carrying out on one-time foundation and the ambience creates candles and relaxing music. Our team of therapists – qualified and very attractive masseuses, will be there just for you making you feel welcome. It’s goanna be wonderful time both for your mind and body. We hope that our salon becomes for you a place of rest and especially unique memories.
We are desiring to offer you the highest quality of massage, which make specialized masseuses. For us the most important is to create a feeling of well-being. That’s why we focus on clearness, hygiene and comfort. Because of that you can achieve balance and happiness.

onas2In spending your time in more special way helps you stirring music. We will behave as best as we can to make you feel comfortable to forget daily problems. You don’t have to carry on which massage to choose, our team will help you.
Massage that we handle allowed you to take a breath and calming down. It influence on hole organism by offloading toxins or to improve blood circulation. After massage muscles became stronger and more resistant. Also gets better elasticity of tissue and skin. We remove your pain and nervousness and show how many other possibilities submerge your body. Tantra massage expose secrets of organism. The only thing is to try.

Tantra Room Massages is strictly a massages and is in no way an invitation of sexual services.

Although the Massages is definitely a sensual-erotic experience it is not a hidden or open invitation for intercourse.